Friday, September 6, 2013

My "Natural" Hair Journey-Part 2

Hello Dolls,

Last week,  I started Part 1 of My "Natural" Hair Journey. I've had some excellent feedback so I'm glad to share Part 2 of my story today.

Part 2-The Middle School Years-Hello Just For Me Relaxer.
13 years old, washing my hair post relaxer.

By middle school, I grew tired of the french braids and wanted to wear my hair down. As I begged my mother to press my hair, one day we broke down and put a Just For Me Relaxer in my hair. I wouldn't say that my hair was unmanageable, but it was long and thick. It did take A LOT of time to get it under control. So after the relaxer, I wore my hair down or I rocked the Left Eye of TLC. (A single ponytail on top of my head with scrunchies in many colors)

 After a year of having a relaxer, I started getting my hair done on a regular basis. I remember having this lady wash my hair, blow dry it and put a pressing comb to my hair. I quickly said, "I have a perm!" She continued to do my hair as it burned and sizzled. She was doing what she was told by my father. She didn't care, I think in her mind, thick hair = nappy hair. The straighter the hair the better. I didn't mind although I knew it wasn't necessary to press hair that was already relaxed.

Remember the 8 year old who wanted long hair? As a 13 year old her hair was long, but looking back it wasn't healthy. Next week, I'll share the my high school. "High School! Weave Ponytails and Wraps!"

As Always, Thanks for reading XOXO!


  1. I loved reading this kinds of posts. I am really impatient if it comes to growing my hair healthy, so it always motivates me :) Great blog!
    Would you like to check out mine and maybe follow each other? Let me know ♥

  2. Great post Erika. Left eye from TLC. *chuckling*