Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better:Neon & Neutral (Pocket Full of Sunshine)

Kristina over a Pretty Shiny Sparkly has done it again...this time she's challenged us to wear neon and neutral. I actually wore this outfit to work a couple of weeks ago and didn't take pictures so when I found out about this challenge I pulled it out again and had Mister snap some pics.

Whenever I put on this shirt I think of the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield.

I gotta pocket, pocket full of sunshine....I got a love that I know is all all mine oh oh oh...(Are those the lyrics) lol!

I was really checking a text message right here....then

Mister said...."Oh, you trying to look like a real business woman?"

I couldn't stop laughing....

"Do what you want you're never gonna shake me. Sticks and stones are never gonna break me..Oh Oh oh!"

I know the song is in your head!

What I wore
Shirt: very old
pants: Lane Bryant..they are soo big in the waist
shoes: Nine West
leopard belt:Target
lipstick: Mac's Girl About Town talked about here.

Thanks for reading. XOXO Erika

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everybody Everywear: Lace

So I'm kicking myself as a type this. I finally stopped being lazy and cropped my pictures. I will pat myself on my back once I stop kicking myself. I need to step my game up. I'm tired of looking at that stereo in my living room when I look at my blog pics. I haven't ventured to taking pics outside yet. I am also debating if I am going to get a fancy camera...wait maybe I should fully learn how to work this one first..and a tri-pod..yeah that's it.

Well enough of me talking about how I'm going to start to improve my pictures, let's talk about this outfit. Everybody Everywear...and this month it's lace. When I first saw this..I sighed.."I don't have any lace!" then I thought about it and realized I did have this lace skirt I purchased for my friends 30th black party (if you remember I was originally searching for a romper here)

Well that was the only time I wore it until now. I wore my white tank, pearl necklaces and my denim vest that use to be my denim jacket I wore here. I know I told you how much I loved it. Well one of the sleeves ripped so I decided to cut them off and make a vest. My shoes are my very first Shoe Dazzle purchase.

Lipstick is Ruby Woo by Mac..Love it!

I won class legs in high school. Still got it! LOL!

I feel fat in these pics. Must do something about that.

P.S. I am loving my shellac manicure...I don't have the time or patience to polish my own nails. This is a great invention for me.
Lace | Everybody, Everywear

I am going to work on cropping my pictures..please bare with me. As always..Thanks for reading. XOXO! Erika

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Copy Cat

I love to be inspired by other people's style...since I started blogging I've met some of the sweetest people on Twitter. Most of them have awesome blogs that put mine to shame. Tysha over at Shop Now Save Later is one of them. Her blog is one of my favorites. She was the inspiration for this OOTD.

I purchased my white jeans from Levi's this winter and could not wait to wear them. I was thinking of all the possibilities..My chambray button up with the jeans rolled up and flat sandals, a white tank and some wedges, etc, etc...But when I came across this look on Tysha last week, I decided that this would be the first outfit

I couldn't wait! And since the school year is coming to a close I decided that "Jean Friday" would be the day.

Of course...I don't have the exact same animal print cardigan..but that is the whole purpose of being inspired. I saw her outfit and put my own "spin" to it. Thanks Tysha...who didn't want credit for the outfit...but I wanted to give it to her. I also stole you picture..It was in my "Inspiration folder".

What do you all think of my "Copy Cat" outfit? Who or what inspires your style? Are you afraid to be a copy cat?

Later Dolls..XOXO! Erika

Outfit of the Day: Field Day with Minnie

As promised I am trying to post more "Outfit Posts". The school held Field Day Thursday and I brought out my Minnie Mouse T-shirt from Avon. I also wore my only pair of shorts. This picture is from the morning. I decided to throw on my blazer and Steve Madden flats just in case I had to stay behind with the "bad" students, I still wanted to look "somewhat" professional at work. Even though the verdict is still out for me wether shorts are professional at work.

I packed my gray Chuck Taylor to change into and left the blazer behind. The children loved the t-shirt. I recieved soo many compliments. It was an okay day..I wasn't too hot and it didn't rain. Yay!

As Always..thanks for reading...XOXO! Erika

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love this Song! Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Live Beat Club 1984)

Ironing clothes watching Unsung on TVOne for Deniece Williams and realized how much I loved this song as a child. I think it's because my sister Liz played it so much. It was Deniece's first and only pop single. It was also on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies..Footloose.

Since this is a "Fashion Blog" I must add that Deniece looked very stylish. I would would wear this dress today. LOL! Enjoy! XOXO! Erika

13 Going on 30....Are we 12????

Today was twin t-shirt day at work. It was for the students but... I decided to participate with my closest friend at work (work Bff Tiara). I went to Tarjay (Target) last night and picked up a couple of T's for $12.99. We decided to go with black slacks and since it was 92 degrees I decided against a sweater or blazer and went with a vest. Tiara agreed...Here we are in the hallway at the end of the day...Thanks Sarah for snapping the picture.

It was fun to participate with the students and get a reaction from them and our colleagues. So what do you think..Are we 12? lol!

As always..Thanks for reading..XOXO! Erika

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Bloggerversary/Birthday! Love of Style by Erika turns 1

That's right! One year ago today..I sat at my laptop and did my first blog post. I was very excited about my "baby" and I had big plans for her. I have neglected her many times but she is still surviving. I want to thank all of my readers and new friends I have made along the way. I promise you the next year will be much better with more regular posts and more pictures. My baby knows how to walk...but now she is ready to run, skip, and jump.

As always...Thanks for reading...XOXO! Erika