Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cider Mill Fashion

Hello Dolls,

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at Franklin Cider Mill with my family. We had so much fun. What a difference a year makes. Last year we went on Caiden's 1st birthday. This year he was able to walk around and tell us he wanted to "See ducks"!

I wanted my outfit to be comfy so I opted for comfy jeans and my converse.

Sweatshirt-Old Navy Jeans:Gap Shoes:Converse Purse:Steven Madden Necklace: Nordstrom

Top Picture 2012/Bottom Pic 2013

Style Tip: Cider Mill Fashion-Comfort is key. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes for walking and roomy pants for eating. Jeans, rain boots and sweaters are great for outings like this. Just think weekend wear.

As you can see this year Caiden was not in the mood to take pics. The pics on the left are our attempt to recreate last year's picture. So have you hit an apple orchard or cider mill in your area? What fashion choices to you make?

As Always, Thanks for reading XOXO!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Erika Loves..Mystic Plum

Hello Dolls,

Happy Hump Day!

When it comes to makeup, I must admit that I am a sucker for pink lipstick. I took a look at my collection and besides Mac's Rebel and Ruby Woo, all my other lipsticks are some shade of pink. Since pink IS my favorite color, (I do have pink hair) I figured it was a natural choice to always have pink lipstick.

Last month, as a Style Watch Style Hunter, I was gifted a lipstick by Mary Kay. It's called Mystic Plum. I absolutely love it. The shade is very close to Mac's Rebel but the consistency is so much smoother. It moisturizing as well as adds a nice color. The color is also perfect for fall.

Beauty Tip: For best results with wearing lipstick, apply a moisturizer before you apply the color.

So what lip color are you loving lately? As Always, thanks for reading.

*As a People Style Watch Style Hunter I was gifted this lipstick. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Erika Loves Autumn

Everyone is sad that summer is gone. I must admit Autumn is my favorite season. I love fall scented candles, wearing layers, apple cider and a good pumpkin spice latte'.

I also love wearing my favorite summer items by adding tights, boots and scarfs.  One of my favorite items for fall is my leather bomber jacket.

Thrifted 5 years ago, from Lost & Found Vintage in Royal Oak.
I also love the colors that fall represent. Here's my version of a fall ombre' manicure.

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Now that fall is officially here, what items are you excited to incorporate in your closet. What's your favorite thing about fall? As Always, thanks for reading.

Emmys Favorites

Hello Dolls, 

This post is for my mother who always wonders whose dresses I liked at the award shows. I watched E!'s coverage and made notes of my favorites. So here are my favorite dresses from the 2013 Emmys.
Zooey Deschanel
Sarah Hyland
Leslie Mann
Kiernan Shipka - She's 13 years old. So cute!

Mindy Kaling

Kaley Cuoco
Tina Fey

Elizabeth Moss

Julia Louis Dreyfuss

Did you watch the Emmys? Who were your favorites? As Always, thanks for reading XOXO! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Style Me Friday Link-up- In-Vested

Hello Dolls,

This week or last week's Style Me Friday featured vests. I originally had an outfit with a denim vest but didn't get around to my D.I.Y. project. I want to add trench vest and a moto vest to my wardrobe. Because I wanted to participate to this link up, I reached for my trusty utility vest. This vest is definitely one of my wardrobe staples.

Vest & Jeans-Old Navy T-shirt-Nordstrom Rack Boots: Steve Madden
This outfit wasn't my original outfit for the link-up. I had plans on taking pictures Thursday night and life happened. I wore this outfit on a lunch date Friday and because I got so many compliments I decided to make this outfit the Style Me Friday post. It's something about the boyfriend jeans and combat boots that make me really like this outfit.

This t-shirt feeds my addiction love of message/graphic tees. Can you believe the original price of this shirt was $75??? It doesn't even have sleeves. lol! You know I didn't pay that much for it. $10 for me and let's laugh at the people who paid that much for this shirt. ha!

My hair is a result of bantu knots. I've been doing bantu knots for 2 years and this has to be the absolute best turn out. The curls just fell in the right place.

Style Tip: Vest are perfect for all seasons. In warmer months it adds personality to outfits and in colder months it's a great layering piece.

What are your thoughts vests? Do you have any in your wardrobe? Be sure to check out the other ladies looks. As Always, thanks for reading XOXO!

Friday, September 6, 2013

My "Natural" Hair Journey-Part 2

Hello Dolls,

Last week,  I started Part 1 of My "Natural" Hair Journey. I've had some excellent feedback so I'm glad to share Part 2 of my story today.

Part 2-The Middle School Years-Hello Just For Me Relaxer.
13 years old, washing my hair post relaxer.

By middle school, I grew tired of the french braids and wanted to wear my hair down. As I begged my mother to press my hair, one day we broke down and put a Just For Me Relaxer in my hair. I wouldn't say that my hair was unmanageable, but it was long and thick. It did take A LOT of time to get it under control. So after the relaxer, I wore my hair down or I rocked the Left Eye of TLC. (A single ponytail on top of my head with scrunchies in many colors)

 After a year of having a relaxer, I started getting my hair done on a regular basis. I remember having this lady wash my hair, blow dry it and put a pressing comb to my hair. I quickly said, "I have a perm!" She continued to do my hair as it burned and sizzled. She was doing what she was told by my father. She didn't care, I think in her mind, thick hair = nappy hair. The straighter the hair the better. I didn't mind although I knew it wasn't necessary to press hair that was already relaxed.

Remember the 8 year old who wanted long hair? As a 13 year old her hair was long, but looking back it wasn't healthy. Next week, I'll share the my high school. "High School! Weave Ponytails and Wraps!"

As Always, Thanks for reading XOXO!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe.

Hello Dolls,

I am often asked about my wardrobe. Where do I shop? How did I put that outfit together? It's one of the main reasons I started this blog. They best compliment is when someone tells me that they like an article of clothing I'm wearing. Most of the time they think it's new. It's often an item I wore before.

 I would like to share a few ways I get the most out of my wardrobe. Using none other than my lace shirt from H&M.

Remember 3 Ways to Wear a Lace Shirt?

I showed the versatility of this shirt by styling it 3 different ways. I also have the shirt in black.

Shirt: H&M Skirt: Target Shoes: Tory Burch (Nordstrom) Necklace: Random

 The 1st time I wore the lace shirt I wore a tank top underneath. The second pic I decided to be a little sexy and wear just a bra. I also tucked my shirt into the skirt to give it the appearance of a dress. Same shirt 2 totally different looks.
Tips on Get the Most out of your Wardrobe. 
1. When purchasing new items think..What's in my closet? Can I wear this with anything I already own. If the answer is NO, don't purchase it.
2. Add accessories to make the item look different. Belts, necklaces, and scarfs will give clothes a different look. 
3. Think outside the box. Mix and match clothes to create a wardrobe not outfits. I may wear my chambray shirt several times but rarely the same way twice. The same applies to these lovely lace shirts that were only $7.

Do you have an item in your closet that you love to wear? As Always, thanks for reading. XOXO!